New known information about vitamin b12

In the last few months there has been a significant improvement in the research related to vitamin b12 and the deficiency of this vitamin. People, as in the common men and women are now quite aware about the symptoms and causes of the deficiency of vitamin b 12 in the body and how it affects the human body in more ways than one. But in the recent months scientists and medical professionals have come across few of the quite astonishing facts about vitamin b-12 which are not pretty much spread among the people staying in the several parts of the world.

Vitamin b12 supplements are easily available and should be taken without fail

Most of the people try and pop in vitamin b-12 supplements so as to avoid the lack of vitamin b-12 compound in their body as they are afraid about the consequences they have to face if they lack in this essential substance. People have to take supplements, rather it is medically advisable to most of the people to take in supplement tablets of vitamin b12 as in the daily diet the amount of vitamin b-12 which a human body should get, fails to get it.

Hence, by taking the supplements the deficiency is recovered. People who are vegans or vegetarians should compulsory consume vitamin b12 supplements on a regular basis as they do not eat the food items such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, oysters and dairy products, all these food groups being fully enriched with vitamin b-12 components. Though people are quite concern with the health and fitness issues but mostly they fail to comply with the vital components which a human body needs which contains various other vitamins too apart from vitamin b-12.

Vitamin b12 shows miracle in curing depression

Vitamin b12 is been said to be one of the most prominent solutions to recover from depression in the latest medical research. Several people in the present age are suffering from depression as well as winter blues along with other mental conditions similar to depression. Vitamin B, to be more specific vitamin b 12 has shown proven successful results in alleviating depression and mood swings to people who were suffering from depression for quite some time now.

Lack of vitamin b12 deteriorates and interrupts proper functioning of brain and nervous system of the human body. Due to this reason, most of the people fall into depression and start taking anti depressants. In the recent research it is proved that by taking vitamin b12 tablets rather than anti depressants people who are depressed are recovering faster from depressed state of mind as the vitamin b12 improves the brain and nervous system processes which in turn improves the state of mind of a person.

Vitamin b12 deficiency is caused by anti-acid pills

Studies have shown that frequent use of anti-acid medications tends to decrease the absorption power of the body to take in vitamin b12. Therefore people are asked to go for natural ways to treat cases of acidity rather than taking in anti-acid tablets and capsules.